The Mass Spectrometry and New Particle Formation Group is one of 15 research groups of the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki (www.atm.helsinki.fi). We are also part of Finnish Academy Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science (www.atm.helsinki.fi/fcoe).

Our research is and has been largely funded by  European Research Council (ERC-StG: GASPARCON – 714621), Academy of Finland (projects: 251427, 296628 and 306853) and TEKES (“APCI-teknologian kaupallistaminen” & “APCI-teknologia CBRNE markkinalle”) together with numerous smaller sources of funding.

The group is led by Assist. Prof. Mikko Sipilä. Information on individual group members can be found below.

Group members

Assist. Prof. Ph.D. Mikko Sipilä, mikko.sipila@helsinki.fi, +358 40 709 3103

Ph.D. Federico Bianchi

Ph.D. Jonathan Duplissy

Ph. D. Heikki Junninen

Ph.D.  Clemence Rose

Ph.D. Tuija Jokinen

Nina Sarnela 

Chao Yan

Xucheng He

Lisa Beck

PhD. Yee Jun Tham

PhD. Totti Laitinen

Collaborating members

PhD. Matti Rissanen

PhD. Matthieu Riva

Olga Garmash

PhD. Jani Hakala

Lauriane Quéléver

Senior collaborators

Prof. Markku Kulmala

Prof. Douglas Worsnop

Prof. Tuukka Petäjä

Prof. Veli-Matti Kerminen

Where to find us

University of Helsinki

Department of Physics

Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a

00560 Helsinki