Ny Ålesund, the last few weeks

The last month of our campaign has started and next week we will pack the instruments again. So far the campaign was a great success. Lately we barely see any new particle formation events anymore – time to leave.

Despite taking care of the instruments and analysing the data, I also used the weekends to connect with the other people and enjoy the nature. While talking to other scientists, I always learn something new. Especially here it is really important to connect, it helps to understand the different processes of nature, starting with marine biology up to bird population or change in the tundra and grass growth – everything is connected and also affects the composition of the atmosphere.

Last Friday I was really lucky, when a polar bear was swimming in the fjord. Seeing those adorable animals in free nature has something magically!

Here some photos of my last 4 weeks.

– Lisa

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 13.11.47
I tried to make pictures through the binocular – not so successful, but you can see the head


An arctic fox was visiting us, when we were on a cabin trip. In winter time his fur turns white


A reindeer eating in front of my window – part of the daily life up here, but still I enjoy seeing them everyday
The first sunset will appear end of this week, but the sun is already quite low and the light creates beautiful colours!
A river at the foot of a mountain. The carrot-colour mostly comes from the iron inside the mountains – fascinating which colours nature can create!