Aboa Campaign, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

The campaign took place at the Finnish Antarctic Research Station, Aboa in November 2014 – February 2015. Aboa is located in Queen Maud Land, Eastern Antarctica, about 100-150 km apart from the Antarctic oceans coast. The station itself is on Basen-nunatak – a mountain top sticking through the several hundreds of meters which glacier.

The aim of the campaign was to resolve mechanisms of Antarctic new particle formation. Regarding that, the campaign was successful. The results will be published soon.

Academy of Finland (ACCPANT) is acknowledged for funding the research. Finnish Antarctic Research Program (Finnarp) is acknowledged for related logistics. Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) and staff at German station Neumayer III are acknowledged for accommodating us while waiting for the flying window to Aboa.

Iljushin-72 cargo plane took us from Cape Town to Novo Airbase, Antarctica
Modified DC-3 , “Basler” flew us from Novo first to German Neumayer III-station
Neumayer III stands on 16 hydraulic feet on Ekström ice shelf. Station is moving half a meter per day towards the open sea and is expected to sink in 25 years.
Emperor penguins close to Neumayer.
Mascot flying next to colony
After few days of waiting for suitable weather, we eventually got to Aboa station. Buildings on the right are Aboa. Buildings on the left are Swedish station Wasa.
On the ice.
Ice hole
Orographic cloud formation on top of Basen nunatak.
Halo inside an ice cloud. What could be ice nuclei?
South polar skua (Stercorarius maccormicki)
Basler approaching to pick us home.